When I meet with a new client for the first time I like to understand what makes their business successful and what theyfeel sets them apart from their competitors. All too often they tell me their competitive advantage is that "We provide better customer service than our competitors do." So my next question is question is... how do you measure your customer service to maintain that competitive edge? Of course this is typically followed by blank stares and silence.

Many companies have no tangible way to measure such statistics, yet these are some of the most important statistics a business owner needs in order to make critical business decisions. Without impeccable customer service your clients will go elsewhere. Without enough productive employees, customer service will suffer. Sometimes companies address this situation by just adding more employees.......but that is a rather expensive alternative. A more practical solution is to deploy the necessary reporting tools to gain insight into your own organization. Mitel's Business Dashboard Software gives you both historic and real-time reporting to help managers make these critical decisions.

Historical Reporting

Historical reporting will provide you information about calls that have already happened. These reports can provide general statistics like number of calls into customer service, average hold times, abandon rates, talk times, or they can provide you detailed analysis at the rep level. For example, Jane Smith had 5 hours of talk time, 1 hour of email responses, 30 minutes of webchat, and 47 minutes of idle time today. Another useful is the Un-Returned Abandoned Call Report below.
This report will tell you who called into your company, hung up, and subsequently didn't call back in later that day or receive a return call from someone in the organization. What a great way to pick up some additional sales!!!! "Hi Mr. Matthews I see you called in today but we weren't able to get to your call. Is there something I can help you with? $$$$$"

Historical reports give you the data you need to be able to make long term decisions like when do you add more employees and how should I schedule my CSRs to best serve my peak times. They can also be used to learn other information, like what types of calls you receive.....password resets, pricing, FAQs. This information might give you insight to post additional information on you website or host a webinar to address certain issues in a attempt to reduce the numbers of calls you receive on that topic.

These reports can also provide you in site on how best to spend your advertising dollars. For example, if you had a separate number for each advertising medium you use. 920-555-1001 for Website, 1002 for Yellow Pages, 1003 for Amazon.com, 1004 for Newspaper, 1005 for Radio, etc. Everyday you would be able to see how many calls came in from that media. You could then use that information to determine which advertising outlets you should allocate more money to and which outlets you should stop using.

Real-Time Reporting

In addition to historical reporting, managers need Real-Time information at their finger tips. Mitel's Real Time dashboard gives you access to what's happening within your organization right now. The dashboard can provide with hundreds of different statistics including:

  1. How many calls(emails, webchats, faxes) are currently waiting in queue

  2. What are your employees currently doing(on calls, idle, on break, logged out, DND)

  3. How long have your customers been waiting

  4. How many calls were abandoned(and after how long on average)
Managers are able to take this information and quickly make decisions to change the current conditions. For example we can alarm a supervisor if hold times have exceed a satisfactory level. They can then reach out to their employees to have additional people log in and answer calls until the desired service levels are attained.

Without the ability to measure customer service it's really have tomanage customer service. Implementing a reporting tool like Mitel's Business Dashboard is a great way to obtain the metrics necessary to make critical business decisions.

To see a brief demonstration of many capabilities Mitel's Business Dashboard offers click on the link below:

Mitel Business Dashboard Flash Demo

Mitel Customer Service Manager Video




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