What's your disaster plan? That's a question I've been helping many businesses address over the past several years. Many organizations have plans to relocate personnel and offload many of their data applications to hosted data centers but few have a solution to address a disaster to their telephone system. To get a feel for how important your telephone system is here's an experiment to try.

Tomorrow when you get to the office, unplug your telephone system and email server at the same time and see which one you get more complaints about.  Now take a look at how orders come into your business.  If you do business online and your website was down would customers call you to place orders? I would guess so(they probably did that before your online store). If your customers order over the phone, would they go to your website to order? Or call someone else? What if you're one of the 90% of companies that don't have web based ordering?

Now imagine if there was a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc. How quickly could your organization restore operations if forced to move to a new facility? Your data might not be too bad. You probably have off-site back up or maybe even replication. Simply restore to a data center hosting service, use a laptop with VPN,  and you are back up and running.....albeit maybe limping along.

But how long would it take to restore phone service? Didn't it take 6 weeks to get your original PRI? How current is your last backup? Can your carrier move your numbers to your temporary location? Or even provide service in that area? If your customers can't call to place orders or schedule service could you lose them permanently to a competitor? For some reading this your current telephone system is no longer even made.....

With a few recent technology advancements, we can bring you a cohesive disaster recovery plan for both your voice and data. With Mitel's new virtulization technology we might even have a single unified DR plan for both. Mitel was the first company to be able to run all of our voice applications in a VM Ware environment. This allows us to to use many of the same DR tools for data for your voice as well.
With Mitel Virtualization Technology we can move you're phone system automatically from one server or data center to another without end users even realizing it happened.  Our solution supports all the typical VM Ware tools including Vmotion, High Availability, Site Recovery Manager, and more.  



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