Many of you who have known me for awhile, know I've struggled with my weight. And those that haven't seen me for awhile always ask "How did you do it?".  So I thought I'd share my story here in the hopes to motivate others to get healthy.  
How it all Started
I remember the day...It was August 26th, 2012. I knew I needed to do something for quite some time.  I was tipping the scales at a whopping 295.  Earlier that week I met with one of my customers who I hadn't seen in awhile and noticed she had lost a bunch of weight.  She talked about a book "The GI Diet" by Rick Gallop.  The results spoke for themselves as she talked about how easy the diet...or more like lifestyle change....was for both her and her husband.  

It was a Sunday morning, I decided to download the book to my Ipad.  I read the book cover to cover that day and decided that was the day for the change.  It started out the first few months as simply a diet.  For the most part the diet is around controlling blood sugar and reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates you take in(avoid sugar, white pasta, white, bread, etc).  It was also about reducing Net Carbs by increasing protein & fiber.  After a month I had lost 12 lbs.  After two months I had lost 20 lbs. 
The old us, and the new us!!!
Phase 2
By November I was convinced the diet was working but wanted to speed up the process.  I started working out.  I don't think you can call it that's how it started.  2 miles around the lake run/walk as best i could.  As time went on I was able to run a little further.  I hit December and knew I need to have a goal in mind.  I decided I wanted to do a triathlon.  I picked the Green Bay Sprint in June of 2013.  A 1/4 mile Swim, 15 mile bike, and a 5k run.   I knew with the goal in mind it would be keep me motivated to keep at the fitness throughout the winter.  By Christmas, I was down 35lbs.  It took a month or two before I told anyone about my plan.  But being public with the plan gave me even more motivation not to fall off the workout wagon.  

I worked hard throughout the winter mostly on the treadmill,  by February I started at the pool floundering like a fish out of water.  At that time I could barely make it two lengths without stopping to catch my breath.  By the end of February I had broken through the 250lb barrier.  Spring was on the way and I could get out on my bike.  I started with a 7 mile loop and slowly worked my way up.  
Crossing the Finish Line
I worked hard through spring and by the time June 2nd came around I felt great.  It was "GO TIME!"   What had I gotten myself in to???  I remember driving to the event held at Ashwaubomay and looking at the temperature.  44 degrees and I'm going to jump in a lake, then get on bike, then run?  I must be crazy.  I stood there in my swimsuit freezing my tail off.  I was wave 12 so it too quite awhile for me to start.  It was a nerve wracking moment, but when the gun went off I hit the water.  I had gotten so cold standing there that the 68 degree water felt warm.  I got on the bike.  I felt great.  I love the bike portion.  It was cold but enjoyable.  I made my way back in to transition to start out for the run.  I made it about 200 yards and I started to breakdown. I was going to do this!!! I choked back a few tears and soldiered on.  It was the longest I had ever worked out. By now it was about 1:15 and I had about 30 minutes to go.  People continued to pass me but I didn't care.  THIS WAS FOR ME!!!  I made the 1.5m turn and headed back to the finish line.  Luckily a friend was there to capture this picture.  I will cherish this one for a long time. 
I made it across the finish line.  For me my time didn't matter.  It was about the accomplishment and the journey to get there.  I had lost about 65 lbs in 9 months...... but I wasn't done.  Since then I've gone on to lose a few more pound and would like to drop a few more.  I've since done many more races and each race continues to motivate me to keep working at it.  I still try to follow the diet plan but definitely not nearly as strict as I had in the first 9 months.  As I write this going in to the off season, I've got my goals set for next year.  My first 70.3 half ironman.  By then I hope to be down a few more pounds.  

I hope this article can inspire others to take the first step.  It' sounds cliche but it really is one step at a time.  It's not difficult but it takes your commitment and patience.  Know that ANYONE can do this, you just have to put your mind to it.